To the central shitposting hub of Tactical Shitposting Operations!

Who we are?

We are a somehow small group of creatures that crawled out of the deepest caves of the internet. Since then we have grown a bit, met new people.

We are trying to host some game nights now and then, but, as of the moment i type this, we have no scheudle for that.

If you want to get to know us, just hop into our irc channel or hope that someone on the mumble is online!

We look forward to see you join us to intensify the shitposting!


The Status

What is the status you might ask? Why are you on this website?


We are on steam, and you can join us there now! Get these fancy notifications that tell you when we're about to host some game night stuff. Shitpost with us! Weeeheee! Oh... that reminds me..


At the moment we (cough irregularry cough) host gamenights. The plan is to go for one every 2-3 weeks. The games we are playing will include everything from good "old" TF2 to Diabolo, DOW, maybe even CS:GO... everything you want!

Show your stuff! (pls do)

Maybe you have an awesome project? Maybe you have a comic or some sofware you want to promote somewhere? Maybe you hope, as wee do, that this place will grow in the future? Then you can talk to us in the irc and we might consider showing your projects off on this website! Help us creating an awesome and open community of gamers, hackers, artists and everything!


And we fixed the logo. AND WE'RE 3D NOW! CANT YOU SEE IT?

Thats whats planned at the moment.

Have a nice day/week/year/[enter timeframe here]!
~ mkalte

Hello World!

Im happy to tell you that we have the website up and running! New CMS, new look, new us!

Meet us!

While this is still building up, you can find us on other places, too!

Have a nice day!